Dr. Drescher consults on a variety of civil and criminal cases in State and Federal courts across the country.  Her blend of communication and performance training make her an asset when preparing witnesses, crafting case themes and narratives, identifying sympathetic and non-sympathetic jurors during voir dire, and strategically communicating complex information to jurors.  Dr. Drescher is adept in both quantitative and qualitative methods allowing for a comprehensive design and analysis of pre-trial research.

Dr. Drescher publishes and presents research on topics including: jury decision-making, oral advocacy, damage awards in patent cases, enhancing the efficacy of expert testimony, and juror misconduct. She earned her Ph.D. from the University of Kansas in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Legal Communication. Dr. Drescher taught and lectured in courses including legal communication, communication in conflict resolution, and persuasion.

Dr. Drescher is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants and The National Communication Association.  She also serves as a Trial Consultant Advisor to the Civil Jury Project at NYU Law School.

She is a native Texan and an avid stand-up paddle boarder.

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