Over the last decade, Mr. Silberkleit has assisted on a wide variety of cases, including intellectual property, contracts, product liability, high-stakes personal injury, medical malpractice, anti-trust, and fraud lawsuits. He has also worked several high-profile criminal matters with charges ranging from sexual assault to capital murder. Mr. Silberkleit has coordinated over 30 mock trials and helped to advise dozens of trial teams on jury selection, persuasion, and trial strategy.

Mr. Silberkeit has assisted clients in over a dozen jurisdictions across the U.S. and U.S. territories.

Complementing his practical experience is Mr. Silberkleit’s rigorous academic training in social, personality, and legal psychology. Mr. Silberkleit’s clients benefit from his deep knowledge of human decision-making, and his areas of expertise include persuasion, motivated reasoning, stereotyping, “implicit” versus “explicit” mental processes, small group/jury dynamics, and personality and attitudinal predictors of decision-making. Mr. Silberkleit also has extensive graduate-level training in survey design. He is highly skilled at crafting questionnaires that accurately assess attitudes and decisions-making processes, whether administered in-person or online.

Mr. Silberkleit is currently in the dissertation phase of earning his Ph.D. in social-personality psychology from UC Davis. He holds an MA in social-personality psychology from UC Davis and a BA in psychology from the UCLA. Mr. Silberkleit has published psycholegal research in academic journals, presented his work to the American Psychology-Law Society, and won grants from the American Psychology-Law Society and the UC Consortium on Social Sciences and Law. Mr. Silberkleit has also co-authored book chapters, including spearheading the 2015 update of the Witness Preparation chapter in top litigation consulting handbook, Jurywork: Systematic Techniques. Mr. Silberkleit frequently lectures on jury psychology and social psychology.


Mr. Silberkleit is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants, American Psychology-Law Society, and the Society for Personality and Social Psychology. Formerly, he served as Chair of the Professional Visibility Committee of the American Society of Trial Consultants and currently sits on their implicit bias research committee.

When not reading about social psychology, Mr. Silberkleit enjoys playing soccer, pinball, and electric guitar.

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