David Barnard is a Senior Consultant at Trask Consulting. His primary practice area includes civil litigation with an emphasis on complex commercial litigation, intellectual property, contract disputes, antitrust, securities, and fraud. He has also assisted both plaintiffs and defendants in matters involving products liability, medical and legal malpractice, personal injury, insurance, libel, and real estate.  Dr. Barnard has selected juries in Federal and State Court for both plaintiffs and defendants across the country. He has facilitated dozens of pre-trial research projects and has extensive experience preparing both fact and expert witnesses for deposition and trial testimony.

Dr. Barnard’s background in forensic psychology allows him to combine expertise in statistics and research methodology with cutting-edge data gathering and analytic techniques to assist attorneys in venue analysis, juror profiling, jury selection and the development of effective and resonant communication strategies.

With over a decade of experience researching juror behavior, Dr. Barnard is highly adept in procedural design, survey construction, and statistical analysis. He has also extensively studied the psychology of persuasion and processes of juror reasoning. This unique blend of the quantitative and the qualitative enables him to provide empirical insight into pre-trial research, and specifically to attitudinal characteristics, juror bias, and issues of juror perception.

Dr. Barnard earned his Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Law from the City University of New York. His research focused on jury decision-making, specifically as it relates to expert testimony, complex evidence, and presentation strategies. Dr. Barnard has taught and lectured at Hunter College, Brooklyn College, and John Jay College. He has been published in the Encyclopedia of Psychology and Law and The Jury Expert and has presented his work at Stanford University and at the annual conferences of both the Western Psychological Association and the Central California Research Symposium.

Dr. Barnard is a member of the American Bar Association, the American Psychology and Law Society, the American Society of Trial Consultants. He also serves as a Trial Consultant Advisor to the Civil Jury Project at NYU Law School.

Originally from California, Dr. Barnard lives in New York City and is an avid race-runner.

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