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Trask Consulting’s Health and Safety Protocols

Trask Consulting continues to follow COVID-19 (“coronavirus”) safety precautions for our in-person pre-trial research projects.  These practices are in line with current CDC recommendations.

On-Site Safety for Clients, Visitors, Mock Participants and Trask Team Members

  • Options for clients to present to jurors remotely, or from another room on site
  • Options for clients to pre-record presentations either during on-site preparation day or remotely
  • Protective facial coverings provided at client’s request
  • Ample 70% alcohol hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, and other cleaning products available
  • Hospital-grade antimicrobial hand soap provided in all restrooms
  • Professional/Hospital-grade infrared thermometers available
  • Clients, visitors, and Trask team seats spaced according to CDC recommendations

Mock Participant Recruitment

  • Respondents to complete a COVID-19 health screening questionnaire offsite prior to the project
  • Respondents screened regarding recent travel (e.g., domestic, international, cruise ships)
  • Enhanced video call vetting of respondents
  • Increased participant education and expectations
    • Respondents will be notified of COVID-19 safety measures
    • During respondent vetting, additional details will be provided verbally and visually of what to expect on-site

Mock Participant On-Site Safety

  • Jurors’ temperatures will be tested upon arrival via professional/hospital-grade infrared thermometers
  • At arrival, jurors will complete an additional COVID-19 health screening questionnaire to ensure they are in good health day of project
  • Respondents will sign an agreement to notify the recruit team immediately if they begin to suspect symptoms
  • At any point, jurors suspected of exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms will be dismissed
  • Jurors will be monitored and instructed as needed to ensure they follow our Health and Safety Policy (e.g., adequate social distancing)
  • Jurors will be seated with ample separation from one another during presentations and deliberations/break-out sessions
  • Protective facial coverings can be provided to jurors, depending on client preferences and government guidelines
  • Jurors will be given 70% alcohol hand sanitizer and/or sanitizing wipes throughout the day
  • Hospital-grade antimicrobial hand soap provided in jurors’ restrooms
  • Jurors’ handheld survey instruments and any high touch surfaces will be sanitized prior to use
  • Public health reminders (e.g., Wash your hands”) will be given throughout the day